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Limousine Service and Rental
Renting a Chicago Limo Limousine Rental Services

Renting a Chicago Limo

People often think that limousine service is costly and unaffordable. While it’s true that limousines are more costly than other transportation options such as rental

Limousine Rental Services

Across the country renting a limousine has always been considered a luxury.  However, it has become affordable for all you desire to have a fun


Truck Limo in Movie
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Randy Combs can now add Jim Carrey to the list of celebrities who’ve used his 34-foot Dodge Ram limousine. The fourteen-passenger limo with a hot tub in the bed is slated to appear in at [...]

Uber destroying limo market

Uber destroying limo market

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Renting a Chicago Limo
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People often think that limousine service is costly and unaffordable. While it’s true that limousines are more costly than other transportation options such as rental cars, taxis, and public transportation, it can be a good [...]

Rising Insurance Rates

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the most frustrating parts of running a limousine business is the insurance rates. Even companies with an exceptional driving record are hit with high insurance premiums. As a owner you must keep your cars on the road generating money to help pay down the monthly insurance costs, says Americas Limo NJ.

With the market getting saturated with competition and price of limo per hour lowering all the time it is hard to keep afloat for some companies. With overhead, rising gas prices, chauffeur salaries, tolls and much more needing to be factored into the rate. Many companies have been selling off their classic stretched limos in favor of Party Bus NJ . This is due to the fact that a party bus can accommodate up to 50 passengers depending on the size and can get anywhere from $150 to $250 an hour in rental fees. As a customer when you split the cost among that many friends you will see it is very affordable.

Prom Limo Tips and Tricks

Should you have an upcoming event and contemplating what type of transport would be most suitable, you will be looking for one that adheres to your budget. Most people reject limousine car services with out giving it a second thought due to assumption that they are too costly. Despite the fact that a little bit more expensive than the other choices a limousine ride will be real value for your money. There is nothing as comfy and classy as being chauffeured to the destination in a limo. Besides these, there are many other reasons this warrant riding in style. Talked over below are just a few: It is an successful option for airport airport transfers Most taxi companies, in any other case all, charge you based on the hourly rate while pèlerine companies usually charge a set fee. For frequent tourists you might have noticed that there is little if any difference between this one-time fee and the taxi fare. What has led to this is then fact that while the hourly pace appears to be cheaper it truly depends on several other factors for example the amount of traffic, therefore the cab ride might end up being very much costlier in case of traffic snarl ups. A limousine drive, on the other hand will not have any other extra charges regardless of the traffic circumstances. Have a memorable night out around Sometimes you may feel like working with a limousine just because you want to use a wonderful time with that someone special in your life or just party good evening hours away with your friends. Pèlerine car services are best fitted to this. Some companies offer drinks and other things however this is only done on request with the client and is definitely going to be able to cost you more. In most cases the company will allow you to find the perfect limo to suit your needs by asking a number of inquiries to determine your preferences. Keep your kid safe at prom While most parents regard selecting limousine car services for just a prom night as an unwanted expense, this can also develop into the best way to have someone softly watch over your teenager. NJ Limo companies employ chauffeurs along with a solid reputation and diagnosed with also undergone adequate teaching. While they may not be capable of tell our teenagers how to handle it or what not to do, they may at least guarantee that they arrive at the venue safe and sound. The actual chauffeurs will also ensure that adolescents remain sober since the laws holds them responsible for underage drinking in their limos.